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SMA Light Torque



    General Specification Of Product

    Product name: SMA
    Product power range: 220V single phase: 0.4KW-
    Control mode: SVPM
    Input power supply  220Vpower: 170~240v
    Displays status:  frequency, current, speed, voltage, PID, temperature, forward and reverse state, fault etc.
    Operating temperature: -10~50℃
    Humidity: 0~95% Relative humidity(non-condensation)
    Vibration: Under 0.5G
    Range: 0.10-800.0Hz
    Accuracy Digital:0.1%(-10~50℃)
    Set resolution: Digital:0.1Hz; Analogue: 1‰of the maximum Operating frequency.
    Keyboard setting method: Encoder setting


    Technical Features

    1. Independent heat dissipation air duct design adapts to harsh field environment.
    2. The upper in and lower out wiring design is convenient for the internal installation layout of the cabinet.
    3. The design of the main circuit topology mechanism was awarded the National Invention Patent.
    4. Simplified parameter group for common applications makes field debugging simple and convenient.
    5. The panel is equipped with digital potentiometer, which is convenient for field frequency adjustment.
    6. The frequency converter unit uses integrated PIM-IGBT module, with stable and reliable performance.
    7. It supports external keypad with different design, RJ45 connector.
    8. Supports RS485 Modbus communication.


    Basic Wiring Diagram Of AC Drive–Wiring Part

    It is divided into main circuit and control circuit. The user can lift the lid of the case, and then the main circuit terminal and the control circuit terminal can been seen. The user must connect accurately according to the following diagram.
    The following figure is the standard wiring diagram of SMA when it comes out of the factory.


    Application Industry

    Packaging equipment, Automated production line,Woodworking machinery, Pharmaceutical machinery, Speed regulating machinery

  • Economic Type Sma Series For Light Torque Industry

    Economic Type Sma Series For Light Torque Industry

    With scientific and reasonable structural design and stable performance ,SMA series meet economic demands  by simple speed control .The internal structure of the patented design increases the reliability of the products,which can adapt to the harsh field environment better with a variety of protective design .