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  • Customized AC Drive For Kitchen Fan Integrated Machine Commercial Kitchen Industry Equipment AC Drive

    Customized AC Drive For Kitchen Fan Integrated Machine Commercial Kitchen Industry Equipment AC Drive

    1.Under low-speed state, the output torque is large to ensure that the motor has strong cutting force during low-speed heavy cutting.
    2.The thickness of the rotary cutting is adjustable to meet the requirements of different markets.
    3.It can run well in the environment of unstable grid voltage (such as rural areas).
    4.According to customer needs, the all-in-one machine can be changed into a conjoined guillotine through parameter setting to meet the needs of old machine transformation on the market.

    Brief introduction of the inverter drive system for veneer peeling solution
    The main control system is the core section of veneer peeling, it is the key system for processing precision and real-time controlling. The main components including PLC, AC drive inverter, communication interface, position stopper and emergency stop button. Every ON/OFF signals and data’s storage and transmission is logically control by PLC during the productive process, the feedrate is fed back to PLC as a pulse signal which is converted by online type sensor, PLC will calculate its correspond output frequency and send it to AC inverter drive via Modbus communication to control the feed driving motor, to adjust the speed of peeling manufacture dynamically, the feed speed is monitored and feed back to PLC to constitute a close-loop control system, and the forward and reverse running of feed system is also controlled by PLC, the frequency pulse input signal is processed by control system to realize the real-time control of peeling process.

  • Production


    EACON factory production workshop covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, equipped with 2 automatic assembly lines, 1 soldering line, 2 painting lines, over 20 professional soldering workers, over 30 assembly workers, and 5 professional painting workers, 5 packers,  5 testers, and 8 QC.

    Monthly production capacity is about 3000 pcs – 5000pcs according to different power rate. Delivery date normally within 15days for bulk order.